Willcom shows the WS007SH

Willcom shows the WS007SH Japanese company Willcom have unveiled another Windows Mobile handset manufactured by Sharp. The WS007SH, which can be seen in 3D here, comes in black and iPoddy white and runs Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC. According to this machine translated page it’s got a 640×480 pixel screen, 1.3 Megapixel cam, 128MB RAM / 64MB ROM, MiniSD, WiFi (802.11b) and it all runs on an Intel PXA270 CPU running at 416MHz.

They’ve also got various other models and variants of the W-ZERO3 including the WS003SH (more details here), the WS004SH (more details here) in addition to the WS007SH (more details here).

Release for this in Japan is scheduled to be July 20th with orders being taken soon. I certainly like the look of the WS007SH – a nice idea and clever design.

Links – WS003SHWS004SHWS007SH
Credit – Philip Nowlan