Samsung SGH-i320 Launches

Samsung SGH i320 Launches Samsung have announced the launch of their SGH-i320 QWERTY handset which will beat the Motorola Q into Europe. According to Samsung the SGH-i320 will be available in Europe this month with further launches across the rest of Europe and Asia later.

We’ve already been impressed with the i320, which appeared almost out of no-where and proved to be thinner than it’s competitor the Q. Although there’s no WiFi it does have a 1.3 Megapixel camera, EDGE, GPRS Class 10, Bluetooth, voice recognition, dual speakers, push email and a 240×320 widescreen TFT. The handset should prove popular with people who text, email and write documents on the go.

No news on which network may pick this up as yet, or whether it’ll be a “handset only” purchase, however we’re very much looking forward to the launch.

Link – Press Centre