HTC Peddle their wares

HTC Peddle their wares Nick Butcher emailed me over the weekend regarding the new HTC brand and the pretty hefty advertising they’re doing here in sunny Britain. This advert (click here for big) was placed in blokes gadgety mag Stuff – y’know the one, it’s usually got some well-blessed girl on the front holding a gadget (ahem!).

The advert is for the new HTC TyTN and points people off to which unfortunately doesn’t look finished. However, if you click on the “HTC TyTN” link on the left you’ll get some more info on the device. The ad itself promotes the high speed worldwide 3G access, WiFi, EDGE, tri-band and Bluetooth connectivity plus the sliding keyboard and dual cameras for video calls and photos.

Thanks to Nick for bringing this to our attention. Don’t forget that if you’ve got something you feel we should be covering, just contact us.

Link – HTC Advert
Credit – Nick Butcher