Google – The king has fallen

Google   The king has fallen You may recall I mentioned the problems we’re having with Google. It turns out that it’s not just us – there’s posts from annoyed webmasters on forums across the web and I’ve found some huge problems with the results it’s giving. Something is seriously wrong at Google. This post, pointed out by forum member Yoda__6, may explain the difficulties we’re having. It seems that Google have made some dramatic changes to their system and it’s having a huge effect on many websites – less hits from Google mean less revenue, meaning hosting charges become a concern.

To demonstrate the problem just do a search “coolsmartphone” on MSN, Yahoo! or and you’ll get predictably high results. However, do the same thing on Google and you’ll find that none of the high links point to our site directly. A search for “spv c600” on MSN – we’re the top 2. On Yahoo! and it’s the same result. However, on Google we’re no-where to be seen. Google had previously returned similar results to Yahoo!, Ask and MSN.

Getting a response from Google is problematic at best, so unfortunately until this matter gets fixed by them we’ve lost many, many hits. Google is broken.

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