Quicktxt.co.uk – Send free texts without the fuss

Quicktxt.co.uk   Send free texts without the fuss I’m always a bit sceptical about free text messaging services. Usually your number gets sold to some random company or the person you’re sending to gets spam texts shortly after. Sure, you could say, “You don’t get something for nothing” but heck it’s gotta be possible. My ex-girlfriend always managed to get free stuff – all she did was sleep with half the blokes in town – it seemed to work for her. If that didn’t work then the odd bit of shoplifting would keep her going.

Anyhoo, Charles has emailed in about quicktxt.co.uk – a free service which lets you send one message per day without signing up or logging in. It scrapes back just enough to pay for itself via the Google Ads and the webmaster states that no numbers are sold on so you’ll not have to sleep around or rob any shops to pay for a text message.

Link – quicktxt.co.uk