Three to launch QTek 9000

Three to launch QTek 9000 UK 3G network “3” have announced that they are to carry the HTC Universal – AKA the Orange SPV M5000, o2 XDA Exec, T-Mobile MDA Pro etc. However, it doesn’t look like 3 will put it under their brand and will sell it as the QTek 9000. Their press release states

“The QTEK (9000), with its revolving screen, is designed to accommodate a fantastic web browsing experience. The Mobile Mail service is also available (and) will be rolled out across 3’s full handset range over the coming months.”

Graeme Oxby, Marketing Director for 3 UK, said: “This is excellent news for business users and shows that one device from 3 can provide mobile office functionality on top of the value of our voice and text offer”.

The 3 network has the best UK 3G coverage and a mass of services, so this is big news to those who want more speed plus it’s great to at last see a Windows based handset on this network. According to 3 this QTek 9000 will go on sale over the next two months.

Source – 3 Press Release
Credit – Ant