Back in the UK!

Back in the UK! Morning all! Yes I’m back from honeymoon and service will be restored shortly. Our wedding day was incredibly hot and everything went perfectly. Many thanks for all your kind words, we really couldn’t have wished for a better day. The honeymoon was fantastic – we swam with some dolphins, spent a crazy amount of cash in New York and I won an amazing $40 in Las Vegas (it ain’t much when you consider how much I put in). If you’re interested you can have a peek at where we’ve been here in my photoblog which gets updated directly from the Smartphone.

One deeply annoying problem I’ve encountered is that we’ve effectively been wiped off Google. For some reason we get absolutely no results directly from For example, if I do a search in Google for Coolsmartphone we get no results from our own site – just lots of references from other sites. It’s like driving around trying to get to London and only finding signs for it, never London itself. What’s going on? Paul at MoDaCo seems to be having the same issue and it’s impacting our success and revenue.

Getting any answer from Google is hard at the best of times, so if there’s anyone from Google out there please give me a shout. Meanwhile I’ll be spending the next day or two going through the emails and catching up with news stories.