A CoolSmartPhone Wedding

A CoolSmartPhone Wedding A quick notice for members and visitors of CoolSmartPhone. This coming Saturday, June 10th 2006, I’ll be getting married to my gorgeous girlfriend Emily. We’ve been together now for about 8 years and I’ve finally managed to drag her down the aisle. 🙂 As I speak all the finishing touches are going into the venue, planning and wedding ceremony itself. After the marriage we’ll be off on honeymoon for two weeks to various destinations and obviously away from any internet connection for around two and a half weeks – we get back on June 27th. During this time news will still be posted from a seperate news feed and the feedback forums will be available for assistance and advice.

Everything will continue here as normal until Friday afternoon when I’ll be dashing about dropping things off and getting ready for our big day. I want to thank all of you who’ve sent in their congratulations and best wishes – plus a couple of sponsors who’ve sent champagne! Many thanks!