The Mobile Phone – Changing the way you live

The Mobile Phone   Changing the way you live With phones getting better and better cameras it’s no great surprise to see this BBC news story into a study on mobile phone use. It found that 44% of people already use their phone as their main camera. It also points out some interesting facts on MP3 players – 67% of those surveyed said they expected their phone to replace their MP3 player.

The survey, conducted by Nokia, gave quite different results depending on the country. 89% of American respondents stated that they would still use two separate devices for photos and calls, although this is maybe a reflection on the camera phones being less prolific in the USA. Mobile phones are taking on many roles – 72% of those questioned said that the phone is used as an alarm clock, so you can see why I’m still wanting a much better alarm clock built into the Smartphone OS – at the moment it’s not a patch on the Pocket PC version. I’d love to be able to set my Smartphone to wake me up at 7AM on Monday – Friday without having to fiddle around with the calendar but it’s just not possible out of the box.

Link – BBC News