No o2 XDA Trion for the UK ?

No o2 XDA Trion for the UK ? We told you earlier that the O2 Mini S successor – the o2 XDA Trion (HTC Hermes) – was coming to o2 Germany. Well, yes it is, however it doesn’t look like it’s going to make its’ way across to the UK if this Unwired story is true. A reader of the site asked o2 UK whether this minute Pocket PC with slidey-out keyboard and EDGE, 3G and HSDPA would be coming to the British shops. The response?

“Unfortunately the device will not be sold within the UK, this will be sold within Germany and possibly other parts of Europe although will not be in the UK device.”

But wait, all is not what it seems. According to our feedback forum posts people have been told a different story and it is coming to Britain. Anyone know anything? Give us your comments!

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