HTC’s New Handsets and Via OnDemand

HTCs New Handsets and Via OnDemand I’ve been sitting back and watching the excellent news that yet more HTC-built handsets are in the pipeline. They’re also apparently renaming the HTC Muse to the HTC Melody and bringing us something called the HTC Herald, which is a little like the HTC Hermes but thinner. There’s also a HTC Oxygen which will bring mobile TV functionality.

Other rumoured handsets include the HTC Vera, which is an apparent successor to the HTC Star Trek but with HSDPA and front mounted camera for video calls. The HTC Trinity, shown here, also comes with HSDPA but also has WiFi and integrated GPS. Heck, Engadget even reckon that there’ll be a HTC Artemis with integrated GPS plus EDGE compatibility and – wait for it – a trackball… yeaha… a trackball.

Now, I say I’ve been “sitting back” because I’d spotted this article by Mauricio Freitas at Geekzone. It details a launch event by VIA and HTC in Taiwan for something called VIA OnDemand, which “will change the way you get games, music, shows, software and movies”. They state that it’s “a digital all-in-one platform… serving digital content OnDemand – anytime, anywhere, and any device”. So, if it’s on “any device” why are they working with HTC – who build mobile handsets? After a bit of digging I found this PDF which details a bit about how the VIa OnDemand system works – mainly via Peer2Peer. They also show it running on something called a “PeerPhone”, which I’ve pictured below.

Who knows.. Either way there’s stacks more HTC-built devices on the cards, which is always good news.

Links – Engadgetthis article by Mauricio Freitas at GeekzoneVIA OnDemand

HTCs New Handsets and Via OnDemand