Mega Mini Golf Saver Pack

Mega Mini Golf Saver Pack We’ve mentioned the excellent Pocket Mini Golf 2 quite a few times here at CoolSmartPhone. We’ve also mentioned the many expansion packs you can get for it which offer new courses and extra obstacles. Pocket Mini Golf 2 Saver Pack is now available which includes the full game and 3 expansion packs at the unmissable price of £18.77 ($35.16).

The main Pocket Mini Golf 2 game, which normally costs £10.70 alone, has 60 holes, 6 golfers and 3 difficulty settings. You also get Winter Wonderland (normally £4.80) with 21 additional icey holes, Fire Island (normally £4.80) with with lava and fire obstacles plus there’s the Lost World expansion pack (£4.80 if bought seperately) with a jungle theme. That adds up to an amazing 123 holes! You won’t find another golf game offering that much playability. You don’t need to love golf to love Pocket Mini Golf 2.

Link – Pocket Mini Golf 2 Saver Pack