Q – Is it on sale? A – Yes!

Q   Is it on sale? A   Yes! OK, we’ve been saying, “soon, next week, any day now” for long enough. It’s finally here, you can buy one today in the USA on Verizon simply by clicking here.

Further details on this new Smartphone can be found on this webpage, which also contains the word “super”. It’s got Windows Mobile® 5.0, push-email a QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth and a thumb wheel for easy navigation. The “Q” costs $199.99 after an “instant discount”, although I’m confused as to why they don’t just say it’s $199.99 and have done with it. The price of the handset is also subject to a 2 year (gulp!) calling plan ranging between $79.99 (450 minutes) and $169.99 per month (4000 Minutes).

Link – Verizon Wireless – Buy the Motorola Q !