Need a card reader? How about this?

Need a card reader? How about this? I stumbled across this device at whilst looking for an SD card reader recently. Not only is it an SD/MMC reader (or miniSD reader if you use an SD card adapter that usually comes with the miniSD cards), but it’s also an MP3 player too. The cost? Well, it’s a mere £7.04, or £5.86 here at The thing that appealed to me here is the fact that you’re actually not restricted to the standard on-board 64Mb, 128Mb or 256Mb memory that you’d normally find on other cheap MP3 players. This lets you slot in an SD / MMC card (have a look atMobyMemory for some cheap cards) and play your own tunes straight away. It’s tiny too, so if you’re out jogging it’s easy to hide.

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