HTC Breeze (QTek 8600) Reviewed

HTC Breeze (QTek 8600) Reviewed Mobinaute have got themselves a HTC Breeze and have put this review online. The Breeze has a 300Mhz Samsung 2442 processor, a 240×320 TFT screen, 64Mb ROM, 128Mb Flash, Bluetooth version 2.0 (with stereo bluetooth), MicroSD slot, 3G capabilities and two cameras – a 1.3 Megapixel on the rear and a CIF camera on the front for video calls. The HTC Breeze – which is to be sold (amongst other names) as the QTek 8600, also has a jog-wheel on the left side for fast menu access and is roughly the same size as the Orange SPV C500 however it’s considerably thinner than the “slightly chunky” HTC Hermes

The full review of this handset, which contains some excellent photos and videos, can be found here – there’s also a machine translated version here. I’m still wishing that there was a 2 Megapixel camera on board instead of a 1.3, plus I’d really like a flash. I love the quality of photos from 2 Megapixel cams like that found in the Orange M600.

Link – Mobinaute – HTC Breeze Review (French)(English Version)