Motorola Q – Reviewed

Motorola Q   Reviewed It looks like PC Mag are one of the first to have a review of the new Motorola Q which is coming to Verizon USA in the next couple of days. They’ve got plenty of shots of the device and the reviewer seems pretty impressed with it. Delivering 4.5 out of 5 PC Mag say that it’s “the best Verizon smartphone” they’ve tested as far as voice quality goes, plus they’re pretty impressed with its’ battery life, music playing capabilities and the one-handed control.

They’re a little less impressed with the multi-tasking, saying that listening to music whilst downloading email was problematic and they had issues viewing video files too. It’s also a costly beast to buy and run on the Verizon network, plus there’s no WiFi. PC Mag sum up though by saying that, “the Q is an excellent machine and a terrific choice”.

Link – Motorola Q Review @ PC Mag