Motorola Q – My first impressions

Motorola Q   My first impressions Hey hey! Look what I’ve got! 🙂 Well, sort-of. 🙂 I actually had chance to have a play with one of these this afternoon and I managed to get my first impressions of the device. It’s certainly come a long way since the very early unit I saw last year and it works well. It’s smaller than I remember too, this will look pretty much like a regular phone to passers-by and it’s built with the usual Motorola style.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to test much as here in the UK we don’t have the necessary CDMA network needed by the Motorola Q. However pretty much all the things I did look at scored highly. It should prove to be a solid competitor to the Blackberry and I think it’ll do very well indeed.

Link – Motorola Q – First Impressions