YubNub chooses Skweezer Technology

YubNub chooses Skweezer Technology In AOL-land they love to use “keywords”. For example, if you enter “grammy awards” you’ll get the official Grammy Awards site if you’re an AOL member and nothing else. Yubnub.org seeks to do something similar and, by using their site and entering a “command line” you get a site associated with it. For example, if you go to Yubnub.org and enter “smartphone” you’ll get a particularly excellent website. Users can also easily add their own keywords / command lines themselves.

The good news is that Yubnub.org have chosen to use Skweezer, the mobile-optimized browser and web portal, to process pages so you can visit sites properly on any mobile device. You may remember we discussed this before, and it’s great to see that Skweezer now has even more features such as e-mail, a contacts list and an RSS reader. Just plonk www.skweezer.net into your handset now so that you can easily view any webpage on the net without maxxing out your bandwidth costs.

Full press release below.

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YubNub Uses Skweezer to Mobilize Content
IRVINE, Calif., May 22, 2006—Greenlight Wireless Corporation today announced that YubNub, a popular application that allows a community of users to create custom “command lines” for Web browsers, uses Skweezer technology for its YubNub Mobile Web site.
Skweezer technology was used to quickly and easily create a mobile version of the YubNub site, allowing users to access the site from a wide array of mobile devices, such as cell phones and PDAs. Skweezer was also added as a “Golden Egg” command, an honor awarded to the most useful and popular command codes. YubNub users can simply type “skw” into their browser’s address bar or on the YubNub site to load Skweezer and access optimized mobile content.
“YubNub uses Skweezer to instantly create a mobile version of Web pages for its users and Skweezer’s performance got rave reviews in a recent Mobilecrunch post,” says YubNub creator Jonathan Aquino. “I love how Skweezer filters Web pages—clean, attractive results every time.”
Skweezer is a free browsing service that optimizes Web pages, searches, and e-mail for use on mobile devices. Skweezer compresses and reformats content being downloaded, so that it loads faster, looks better, and is easier to navigate on small-screen devices. The service is also completely platform independent and can be accessed from Pocket PC, Palm, Symbian, MS Smartphone, Blackberry, PSP2, and XHTML-based cell phone devices. Skweezer technology can easily be integrated into applications and services, providing turn-key mobile access to Web content.
About YubNub:
YubNub is a popular web app that bills itself as “a (social) command-line for the web”. A winner in the 2005 Ruby on Rails Day competition and growing in popularity among mobile users, it enables people around the world to define 2-3 letter shortcuts to useful websites, easily sharing shortcuts with other people and combining them in powerful ways.
On the Net: YubNub site: www.yubnub.org
About Greenlight Wireless:
Greenlight Wireless is a leading innovator of wireless technologies, providing mobile solutions for enterprise-level businesses, Web portals, and wireless carriers. Greenlight Wireless’ consumer-oriented Skweezer service optimizes Web content for handheld devices, providing a richer browsing experience and adding value to wireless data offerings. Greenlight’s Advertizer product is a cutting-edge advertising program for operators, search engines, and publishers who want to monetize their content in the mobile environment.
On the Net: Greenlight Wireless site: www.greenlightwireless.net