TrueConnect v1.1 – Now control all Windows Mobile devices!

TrueConnect v1.1   Now control all Windows Mobile devices! The excellent TrueConnect lets you use your mouse to control your Smartphone merely by moving the pointer off the side of the screen. Back in January you may remember I said, “’s only available for Smartphones, although there is a Pocket PC version in development”. Well, now it’s here. Version 1.1 has been released and it now fully supports Pocket PC as well as the Smartphone.

The guys at Raspberry Software say that it’s been an exciting period in the development of True Connect. Since its release Microsoft has used the product as part of the Windows Mobile 5 campaign in Europe. We like it too – it’s almost like having an extended monitor – the mouse pointer just slides off your PC screen then lands on your device. Your phone screen lights up and you can point and click anything you feel, or type text messages in a matter of seconds! In fact, we’ve raved about it in our earlier story so you should probably just go to their website and grab the free 14-day trial to see how good it is for yourself! 🙂

Link – TrueConnect v1.1