RUZero Game Pack and Gyroid – Gamers rejoice

RUZero Game Pack and Gyroid   Gamers rejoice Monday. Miserable isn’t it? There’s thunderstorms, it’s dark, it’s wet, it’s windy.. where’s the summer gone? Well, never mind because we’ve got some excellent gaming news to cheer you up. Right now, for a mere £9.05 (about $16.97 / €13.31) you can get RUZero Game Pack for the Smartphone. It contains three bundled games – Walls And Balls, the adictive arkanoid/breakout re-make, TapzMania, the 3D multiplayer enabled shooter and MySudoku too. The best news is the this is a saving of $10 from the previous price!

We’ve also got a new game called Gyroid from the guys at AIM Productions. It’s an Extreme space shooter where you must guide your lonely Gyroid fighter through the solar system and defeat the alien invaders. There’s fast and furious 3D-action, great music and sound effects plus comprehensive in-game help screens and a hall of fame.

Links – RUZero Game Pack (£9.05 / $16.97 / €13.31) — Gyroid (£8 / $15 / €11.77)