World Cup updates in your pocket!

World Cup updates in your pocket! In just a few days the biggest event of the year is to take place. People from all over the land will be huddled together to watch and no doubt it’ll be a rollercoaster of emotions. Yes, you’ve guessed it, me and Emily are getting married. We’ve cleverly chosen June 10th as the wedding day with the ceremony starting at 1.30. About half-an-hour later a certain football match kicks off between England and Paraguay in Frankfurt, so I’ve no doubt that all of our guests will be racing to the reception to catch the event on the plasma screens. However, what if you’re having your photo taken and you just happen to be the groom? How do you check the scores? Well, luckily your Windows Mobile Phone can help you out!

World Cup Mobile is available for the Smartphone (v1.0) and the Pocket PC (v1.5) for €14,95 (£10.61). This application will keep you informaed via an online update and gives stacks of information from team lineups, goal scorers, match standings, news, statistics and much more.

Oh, and if my fiancée is reading this, I’m joking about checking the scores while we’re having our photographs taken.. honest..

Links – World Cup Mobile (Smartphone)World Cup Mobile (Pocket PC)