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kleinweder.ch   Homescreen news A lot of you have been emailing me regarding the superb kleinweder website which offers exquisitely designed homescreens for your Smartphone. There was news earlier this week regarding a notice that Kleinweder had received from Microsoft advising him to pull down anything bearing the Microsoft logo or associated trademarks. Whilst this was true it appears that this only referred to the modification and redesign of those logos within the homescreen. As kl1wdr – who runs the site – states…

“Thanks VERY much for all your support and mails you’ve sent!”

“..the main reason for having to send my site into coma were the different trademarks implemented in some of my themes. According to MS I am not allowed to write anything with “Microsoft”, “Windows Mobile” (etc.) or implement anything like the Windows-Flag or WindowsMobile-Logo into my designs. The Windows flag next to the Start button has never been an issue. I closed my download section as I did not want to have any legal problems with anyone.”

Right now kl1wdr is extemely busy studying, however I really feel that his excellent work sometimes isn’t fully appreciated and I’d urge networks, phone manufacturers and even Microsoft themselves to check out his talented work at kleinweder.ch, which deserves a place on every Smartphone.

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