Upoad! Upload! Upload!

Upoad! Upload! Upload! We really LOVE files here at CoolSmartPhone and we need your help now that we’ve got a file-hungry downloads system all ready for your stuff. We’re looking for either..

1) Good audio files which are less than 30 seconds for ringtones (MP3 / WAV / WMV)

2) Audio files for SMS / Email / Alarm tones (WAV / WMV)

3) Funny / interesting movies or videos

4) Backgrounds, themes or Today screens

5) Free applications, games or services

If you’ve got any of these files then simply Login to the downloads system, choose the relevant category, then simply click this “Upload” button and give us some details of the file.

That’s it! You can attach a thumbnail (very useful for backdrops and themes), plus you can add a description. It’ll automatically add your username and credit you, then I just need to approve it. Job done!