Downloads at CoolSmartPhone

Downloads at CoolSmartPhone You may have noticed that the sparkly new downloads system has been a bit empty of late. This is mainly because the “botch it together to fit into the forum” implementation didn’t work too well. Comments weren’t working, the screenshots weren’t working and to top it all you couldn’t bl***y submit stuff, which kinda puts a kibosh on the whole chuffin’ thing. Anyhoo.. thanks to some wizard coding by me (ok, I Googled it) everything is now working.

I’m currently adding new categories to the system, however you can start uploading stuff whenever you see this icon. Just go to the place where you want it uploaded and click this button. Job done. So if you’ve got a cool ringtone, text-message sound or alarm noise just upload it now and receive the fame and adulation you deserve! 🙂

Link – New downloads system

Update – A “quick” change to the newest version of PHP and MySQL killed the entire site this evening. Thanks to some rather splendid work by the dedicated server team at this is all resolved and we’ve now recoded our pages to work ! Huzaarr!!