Wot no T-Mobile Updates?

Wot no T Mobile Updates? So, you guys out there now have the push-email updates right? Orange SPV M5000, C600 – check. O2 XDA Mini S and Exec, check. Hmm – what about T-Mobile ? Ermmm.. Well, after I received a few emails asking that very question I did a bit of digging. It seems that the update for the MDA Vario isn’t quite ready yet – the last update was released quite a while back here with a note saying, “The second maintenance release is expected March 2006.” I’m guessing this is the one with push-email, and it’s nearly May. Where is it?

It’s a similar story for the T-Mobile MDA Pro, which had an update on 08/09/05 and a promised second one in “early January 2006”. Again, I’m thinking the second one is the push-email update.