Mail2Web – Instant email for everyone!

Mail2Web   Instant email for everyone! We’ve all seen those people walking around with BlackBerry handsets haven’t we ? Yes, we Smartphone / Pocket PC owners can now get “instant email” too, but it’s just not as easy to setup is it? Well, thanks to the guys at Mail2Web Live it is now! Just set up a free account and within minutes you too can have your email delivered quickly, easily and instantly to your phone.

I’m very impressed with this, especially after the hundreds of emails I’ve received asking, “Why do I need an Exchange server? Can’t I just forward my mail somewhere and get it on my phone instantly”. In fact, I’m so impressed that I’ve written a how-to guide so that as many of you as possible can give this a try.

Links – Mail2Web LiveCoolSmartPhone How-to guide