SGH-i320 vs Motorola Q – Let the games commence

SGH i320 vs Motorola Q   Let the games commence It looks like a fight is about to start between the Samsung SGH-i320 QWERTY handset and the Motorola Q QWERTY. Literally days after the long-delayed Moto Q got approved for use by the Federal Communications Commision (FCC) and the SGH i320 does too!

Whilst this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Samsung handset wil appear on a network straight away, it is perhaps worrying news for the Motorola Execs.. The Motorola Q has taken what seems an age to appear – we saw it in industry show after industry show, on stands, at shows, at more shows, at even more shows and on websites – but not for sale. However, the Samsung SGH-i320 seemingly appeared out of no-where and became smaller and thinner than the Q. Now it’s jumped through the FCC tests with ease… what next?

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