o2 XDA Exec Push Email Update is here

o2 XDA Exec Push Email Update is here Remember last week we mentioned the o2 XDA Mini update that enabled push-email ? Remember how we said, “..although the Exec update isn’t here yet..” ? Well, now it is 🙂 Just click here if you have an o2 XDA Exec and you’d like to use the Microsoft Exchange push-email facility.

The upgrade requires your IMEI number and updates your device to v1.30.162. It also brings an updated Comm Manager which adds the new buttons for controlling Direct Push Mail and active Data connections (check our M600 review to see how that looks) and updated radio. Don’t forget that this is a fairly huge download and will return your device to it’s factory default state, so ensure you’ve syncronised / backed up first.

Link – o2 XDA Exec Push Email ROM Update

Credit – Stuart Watkins