The rumour mill turns and turns

The rumour mill turns and turns Hmm.. I’ve had way too many emails about this. You may know about the Orange SPV M3000 and the fact that it’s not getting launched in the UK. It’s safe to say that were were a tad disappointed by this decision, but we’re getting a heck of a lot of emails saying that an Orange SPV M3100 will be launched sometime in July here in the UK. We reckon this will be the HTC Hermes handset, a faster, uprated version of the M3000.

If this isn’t interesting enough, I’m now hearing rumours of an Orange SPV C700. Hmm.. I guess this will be the HTC Breeze, which is a bit like the C600 with 3G / video calling etc. This is all guess-work of course, and it could well be the HTC Star Trek for all we know at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted.