HTC Star 100 / QTek 8500 Preview

HTC Star 100 / QTek 8500 Preview Lutzh at MSMobiles has yet again got his hands on one of the hottest Windows Mobile handsets around. The new HTC Star Trek, which is now also known as the HTC STAR100 and being sold as the QTek 8500 is a very slimline flip-phone that we’ve constantly raved about since it first appeared.

“It comes with Windows Mobile 5 and Microsoft Feature Pack for Push Mail, is driven by the OMAP850 processor with 195 MHz, megapixel camera, bluetooth and .. A2DP on board for wireless stereo over bluetooth”

The QTek 8500 only has one connector too, so you have to listen to music through the wireless stereo over bluetooth. This is a feast of close-up photos of an excellent handset on unfortunately possibly the worst table-cloth I’ve ever seen. 🙂 (Sorry Lutzh!)

Link – MSMobiles HTC Star 100 / QTek 8500 Preview

Image – MSMobiles