CTIA: New slim QWERTY handset from TechFaithWireless

CTIA: New slim QWERTY handset from TechFaithWireless Y’know the Mototorla Q? Well, this isn’t it, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was. Chinese manufacurer TechFaithWireless have been showing this off at CTIA and it’s the second clone of a Mototorla handset that we’ve seen from them following the Motorola RAZR-eaque device. Looks-wise it’s incredibly similar to the much-delayed Motorola Q, it’s almost as if TechFaithWireless were sticking two fingers up at Motorola saying, “See? We can do that too!”

No info on a name or release date for this Windows Mobile 5 (Pocket PC) Phone, but – just a few months after Samsung announced their QWERTY i320 – it’s yet another Moto Q challenger.

Link / Source – EngadgetMobile.com

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