TechFaithWireless slide into play

TechFaithWireless slide into play Hey look ! It’s the Motorola SLVR.. no, wait a minute.. It’s actually a handset from TechFaithWireless. “Who?”, I hear you cry. Well, these guys are from China and – like HTC – they design and build handsets for branding by networks and companies. They’re whats known as an “OEM” (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or an “ODM” (Original Design Manufacturer) and – like HTC – unless you read sites like this you’d never know that, for example, your SPV C500 or Audiovox SMT 5600 was actually a HTC Typhoon.

Whilst you may not see this nameless pre-production handset for a while – or at all, PDAGold have a good review of it here. TechFaithWireless are also bringing out Pocket PC and Smartphone designs which will no doubt grab the attention of customers who put appearances top of their list.

Links – TechFaithWireless.comPDAGold.comPocketPCItalia