Dealexec – Neat free RSS Reader

Dealexec   Neat free RSS Reader This free software is billed as a “bargain hunter” and works by pulling the latest shopping deals and offers down via RSS feeds. It has the added bonus of letting you change the feeds and grab any RSS/XML feed you fancy.

RSS feeds are basically text files that spit out the content of a site. It trims out the frilly stuff and gives you the news headlines or latest articles on that particular site. You can learn more about RSS news feeds here. Although the Dealexec software doesn’t seem to handle complicated feeds with embedded links and HTML it will at least bring all the latest news to your handset using just a small amount of bandwidth, which helps to keep your GPRS bills down. You’re then free to check for the latest happenings anywhere.

Link – Dealexec
(Use our titles only newsfeed at with this reader)