Orange SPV M600 Appears on

Orange SPV M600 Appears on The Orange SPV M600 handset now appears to be available from this Orange Business page. It comes with a huge list of features, unfortunately not totally correct (there’s no MSN Messenger, although you can install it here and it apparently has both Windows Mobile™ for Pocket PC installed and Windows Mobile™ for Smartphone too).

If you’re a business customer then now would be a good time to get in touch with Orange about the M600 and don’t forget that we’ll have a full review of this device online shortly. We can’t currently see any sign of it for “regular” customers, however Orange say of the device…

“The SPV M600 is a strikingly compact smartphone in sleek black finish, which supports cutting edge Bluetooth 2.0 and built in Wifi capabilities. Its Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5.0 platform offers high-speed data and multi media communications – another first to market from Orange. The device is also equipped with a powerful 2 mega-pixel camera with zoom and flash for high quality photos and video.”

Ahem.. no, there’s no flash..

Link – Orange SPV M600 @ Orange Business

Credit – Richard Hale