Special Orange SPV C600 Handset Available

Special Orange SPV C600 Handset Available Over in the Netherlands Orange are keeping you on the cutting edge with the SupperClub. Yes, SupperClub. Not SuperClub. Here in the UK “Supper” is an evening meal, so you’d think a club for this sort of thing is just plain weird, however in the Netherlands it’s a whole lot cooler. So cool in fact that they’ve launched a specially designed Orange SPV C600 handset. Jokes aside, the SupperClub venues appear to be a mixture of food, drink, music, art, performance and more.

The crystal white C600 will only be available for a sort time and to make it even more exclusive there will only be 100 available. As you can see the device is logo’d up with SupperClub. The full package, costing €379, comes in a white leather cube and has some exclusive supperclub content.

Links – SupperClub.comOrange SPV SupperClub C600 handset

Source – NewMobile.com