iMate SP5 / SP5m AKU2 Updates

iMate SP5 / SP5m AKU2 Updates Owners of this (imate SP5m) and the imate SP5 (HTC Tornado) will be glad to hear that the push email update is now available. Download the new 2.6.331.2 version here. There’s many other extras in this update too, including file beaming over Bluetooth (which should be part of ANY Smartphone as default I believe!), improved radio, support for cell broadcast display and line2, extra MMS space and a newer client, frames functionality for IE (woohoo!) and much more.

The iMate update will also let you set the timeout of the keypad light, plus there’s improvements to the voice dial, communication manager, reminder functions, car kit (contact list sync) and Java.

Only attempt to perform this update if you own an iMate SP5 or SP5m, and back your stuff up first. All in all, a fantastic update for the SP5 and SP5m handsets – I’m especially impressed with the Bluetooth file sharing, IE frames support and extra MMS space, which are common issues that need resolving in a lot of Smartphones.

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