SIP-Enabled VoIP Phones from Windows Mobile?

SIP Enabled VoIP Phones from Windows Mobile? MobileMag are reporting that Microsoft are working on a SIP-enabled VoIP dialer for Windows Mobile 5. Apparently “a trusted source familiar with the inner workings” of Microsoft has been speaking to them about the move. If true, this would let you make calls via your WiFi after logging into a SIP provider. Hmmm .. spot the problem here?

This is a potentially huge hot potato. Hotter than the potato that won Hottest Potato of the Year in the annual “Hot Potato Competition” in Mashville, Chipstate. Why? Well, the networks make a lot of money out of you guys making calls across their networks. This is why – in the UK at least – handsets are almost given away because the network will make the money back through your contract and calls. Those networks aren’t going to be too happy to see customers using 3G unlimited data plans or WiFi to make super-cheap calls across a SIP provider. One day very soon though this has to happen. Large phone networks are already changing to IP and this technology simply cannot be ignored.

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Picture – XTen Pocket PC SIP Softphone