You want full-screen games? You got it!

You want full screen games? You got it! For those of you lucky enough to have a device with the new hi-resolution QVGA screen (like the Orange SPV C550, C600, Cingular 2125 etc) then you’re probably one of many people saying, “Hey, sometimes when I buy / download a game it comes out all small on my screen”. Well, that’s true. Some do. It’s because they were coded for the old screen size and that’s the way they come out. It’s a bit pap, so it’s great to hear that Astraware have made all these games fill every last pixel of your screen…

Alchemy, Atomica, Bejeweled, Bookworm, Chuzzle, Fruit Frolic, Mars Needs Cows, Mummy Maze, PopCap Pack 1, Seven Seas and TipTop are all now in glorious full-screen and Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible. Also, if you’re using a different handset, don’t worry – they’ll work on other Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PC’s too!

Link – Astraware Games Collection.