Those big tall adverts

Those big tall adverts Unfortunately with a site of this size it’s sometimes a little difficult to continually.. Errmm.. How do they say.. “monetize” it, however I did promise myself that I’d at least test those “flashy banner”-type ads you (used to) see on the side panels of CoolSmartPhone. You may have seen adverts from Comet, Woolworths, Next etc. These weren’t my favourite, however I have to try these things in order to pay the bills….

The result, after about 5 months, is sadly useless – around 20 quid from ALL of these flashy HUUUUGGGEEEE banners. They slowed the site down and they were getting on my nerves. The way see it, if they’re getting on my nerves then they must have got on your nerves. So, I’ve actually binned the whole lot of them tonight and you’ll never see them again.