Orange SPV M5000 AKU2 Update now available

Orange SPV M5000 AKU2 Update now available More good news for you on this St. Patrick’s Day – the M5000 DirectPush AKU2 update has just been published on the Orange website. Click here to get it plus more detail. Orange say of the update…

“As part of our commitment to enable Customers to get the most from their devices, Orange are now enabling all existing SPV M5000 users to set up access to real time MS Outlook. Imagine that, emails and calendar updates automatically sent and received from you mobile device as well as access to all your tasks and contacts on the move.

All you need to do is:

1) Speak to your IT manager to establish whether your company has the appropriate Microsoft Exchange 2003 and network infrastructure for push email.

2) Simply download our free ‘AKU2’ software pack from the link below using the instructions provided.

3) Configure the device, with the help of your IT Department with the necessary settings.”

Don’t forget that these “push email” updates aren’t absolutely necessary for every user out there. They may not contain any huge improvements for you if you’re not a Microsoft Exchange user. The actual download itself is located here and is a whacking great 58.7Mb. It’ll almost certainly splat data held on the internal storage, so back everything up first.

Thanks – Leigh Richardson

Link – Orange SPV M5000 AKU2 Upgrade