HTC Flip Phone Reviewed!

HTC Flip Phone Reviewed! Wouter at has posted an extensive review on the HTC Star Trek handset, which is shortly to be sold as the i-Mate Smartflip and Qtek 8500. It’s one of our most talked about handsets and we love the look of it. The PocketInfo article (machine translated) has some rather surprising highlights…

– Surprisingly there’s only 64MB ROM, not the 128MB ROM expected. Apparently there’s to be a second release to include 128MB ROM.

– No Mini-USB! The handset appears to have a “flat Mini-USB”, which is a bit non-standard.

– The Micro-SD slot is behind the SIM card, meaning you have to take the SIM card out to get at it.

– The device is very, very fast. Probably the fastest Windows Mobile Smartphone they have worked with.

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