CeBIT 2006 – Hidden gems

CeBIT 2006   Hidden gems The guys at have just published this very interesting story detailing the Windows Mobile handsets shown at industry event CeBIT. They’ve got lots of very interesting detail which I’ve not seen elsewhere. The Qtek 8500 was on show, which is another re-badge of the HTC Star Trek (iMate Smartflip). It’s external display is shown off in these videos plus they’ve got yet more fantastic photos of the device. It certainly kept a low – or should I say “slim” profile sitting over at the Dangaard stand with many people over looking this excellent new Smartphone. Check the photos to see the self-timer facility on the camera and other settings

One other very interesting device is the Samsung i310. We all know it’s got a lovely big 8Gb hard drive on board, however have you seen that scroll-wheel in action? Samsung have chosen Windows Mobile 5.0 this time (the i300 model ran on Windows Mobile 2003), however they’ve opted to keep the numbered menu system as the scroll-wheel gives excellent control and allows you to rotate through home-screen icons with ease. Check these videos for evidence.

Oh, and one thing you may not have noticed about the Samsung i310 is that camera – who knew that the 2 Megapixel camera offers a 640×480 video recording facility ? Wehay! This matches some digital video cameras, like this one, but the 8Gb HD means you can squeeze in a whacking 4 hours of video!

Link – @ CeBIT 2006