Orb – Stream your TV, Video, Music and Photos to your Windows Mobile handset

Orb   Stream your TV, Video, Music and Photos to your Windows Mobile handset I had an email today from Ollie. His email was short – “Check out Orb.com. It’s a neat piece of software”

So I did.. and by god it’s fantastic. Seriously – this is excellent. I always score things on basic principles – 1 – Does it install and setup easily? 2 – Does it do what it says? This does both and it does it very well indeed. What does it do? Well you install the Orb software on your PC at home – this can be a Media Center if you’re lucky enough to have one. This PC will be the one with all your video, MP3, photo and even digital TV cards in it (you can watch live TV anywhere with this!) Then… that’s pretty much it. You then browse to my.orb.com from any device – anywhere in the world, enter the username and password you setup during the install and… bingo – you get to see all the TV, video, audio and pictures on your home PC. Click one and it’ll stream the content to you over the internet. It even detects your network speed when you log in and adapts the stream to suit. Fantastic.

I’m lucky enough to have a Windows Media Center, so I’ve just installed this and then – if I end up in a hotel next week – I can watch all my TV recordings on my Pocket PC via the WiFi in the hotel – or even over GPRS on my Smartphone ! I’ve written a quick run-through here, so why not give it a try? It’s free!

Link – orb.comUsing Orb – an overview

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