Meteor Breakout for QVGA Smartphones

Meteor Breakout for QVGA Smartphones Yet more games for you today, this time it’s Meteor by Mobile Stream. It’ll make use of your entire hi-res QVGA screen plus it’ll work a treat on every other Windows Mobile out there too. There’s 90 – count them – 90 levels, smart fullscreen graphics, moving bricks and a new twist to the classic arkanoid – attacking robots and hostile spaceships! There’s also loads of different balls including meteors and various bricks, missiles and power-ups.

Mobile Stream have also given Meteor an added autosave feature so you don’t have to climb your way back through the levels each time, plus Meteor has already received critical acclaim from many websites so it’s definitely worth the trial download or you can bag it for a mere £8.66

Link – Meteor – SP / PPC Version £8.66 ($14.95|€12.55)