Orange SPV C600 AKU2 Update

Orange SPV C600 AKU2 Update It’s now available to download here! This will bring the push email facilities promised by Microsoft. It’s a whacking 34.5Mb download called “c600_mail.exe” from the Orange Business site and brings your handset up to version Orange state…

“As part of our commitment to enable customers to get more for their money, Orange are now enabling all existing SPV C600 users to set up access to real time MS Outlook. Imagine that, emails and calendar updates automatically sent and received from you mobile device as well as access to all your tasks and contacts on the move.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also be enabling existing SPV M5000 users to configure their devices for free as well.”

During the update your device will be reset to factory default settings – so back your stuff up! 🙂

Link – Orange Business site

Credit – Nick Butcher