Even broader-band

Even broader band Despite heavily misleading marketing campaigns from certain ISP’s saying that “8Meg broadband is now available”, it’s not and it hasn’t been. It will however be possible to get 8Mbit/s broadband from the end of this month providing your pretty close to your local exchange and your line quality is good. BT estimate that around 78% of phone lines will be able to get at least 4Mbit/s, with 42% able to get 6Mbit/s and around a third should be able to get the full 8Mbit/s speed. Upstream will increase too, at present all “normal” broadband services only allow 256kbit/s upload. The new products will mean between 160kbit/s to 448kbit/s upstream rising to 832kbit/s on premium services.

BT Wholesale will begin upgrading 5,300 of Britain’s local telephone exchanges from March 31st- covering 99.6% of homes and businesses.