More on the HTC Wizard push-email updates

More on the HTC Wizard push email updates Dipesh has just emailed me about the saga of the push email updates that are missing the stereo-over-bluetooth capability promised by A2DP. Dipesh says..

“I have been using the leaked ROM on my T-Mobile Vario for the last 2 weeks and I can confirm that it has A2DP on it. My I-Tech Bluetooth Headset streams music from the device and behaves very well..”

“I find however that I need to overclock it to 264Mhz using this to have the Bluetooth and the music software working together. I’d heard rumours on that the A2DP was too resource intensive for most HTC Wizards (K-JAM/MDA VARIO/Mini etc) so the official updates remove it”

All very good information, although a tad disappointing for owners of a T-Mobile MDA Vario / o2 XDA Mini S / K-JAM