Push Email updates begin to appear

Push Email updates begin to appear As you may know, iMate have now announced the ROM Update for the iMate K-JAM, which is also known as the T-Mobile MDA Vario or the O2 XDA Mini S. The good news is that, yes, push email is here and it’s in the iMate update. Unfortunately it appears that HTC, who obviously also make the handsets, have pulled the expected A2DP support – which allows stereo sound over your bluetooth connection. The rumours are that HTC may have had problems getting it working on certain handsets and have instead chosen to remove it from the update. We’re not 100% on this though as there’s a “leaked” ROM floating around the net which seems to include it, and reports are that it operates well.

Expect more ROM updates for other devices very soon as push-email is rolled out.

Link – Club iMate