Skookum goes from strength to strength

Skookum goes from strength to strength The excellent Skookum is now at version 2 and includes support for Podcasts and audio from the equally excellent What does it do exactly ? Put simply it lets you easily subscribe to online media content via RSS / XML feeds like the ones on the top right of this page – all from your Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC. Better yet, Skookum is free. No trial software, no hidden stuff – just completely free.

With Skookum you can easily setup the Podcasts and shows you want to listen to, then sync via WiFi or ActiveSync and listen to them on the go at any time. They’ve also added the ability to subscribe to feeds – audio books to listen to even when you’re squished into a train on a busy Monday morning.

The link to the free download is here at Top work Scott! Give it a try and don’t forget that you can subscribe to our Podcast by entering or our regular news / blog feeds by clicking the orange XML buttons above right.

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