Bye Bye PSTN – Hello VoIP

Bye Bye PSTN   Hello VoIP Here in the UK our major telecommunications company is still BT. Soon they will be spending more than £10 billion to roll out 21CN – the 21st Century Network. Yes, you heard right – £10 BILLION. BT make a yearly profit of around £1 billion, so you can see that this is a complete, total, 100% change in every way possible.

Just take a look at their plan – BT state that they WILL be the first telephone network anywhere in the world to remove PSTN completely – gone, vanished. No more of the “old” telephone switching system. Everything will be delivered over ethernet. Your phone – over the ethernet. Essentially you will be given a very fast “pipe” – you can get TV, radio, the internet, telephone and data down it. By 2008 – just 2 years away – they aim to have more than 50% of all todays’ phone traffic and switching flowing completely over IP and nothing else. A year later they’ll be nearing completion. You won’t just be a number – you’ll be an IP address or an email address. Give me a call on [email protected], or at work on [email protected]

So, the introduction of more VoIP phones using SIP is starting now, and it will grow quickly. Keep an eye on the 21st Century Network, because it’s happening now and it’ll affect you.

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